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Buy baseball equipment for success on field

Long lasting and durable baseball Products from over 25 years of baseball experience.

Baseball Excellence is an online baseball clinic with emphasis on teaching the game of baseball to players, parents and coaches. We provide insight, instruction and big league tips. We teach pitching, hitting, fielding, base running, conditioning and the all important mental side of the game.

We Carry products from the best brands in the industry like JUGS Sports, Rawlings, Pronine, Axe bats, Anderson bats, Portolite Pitching mounds, Baden Baseballs.

With over 25 years of experience coaching baseball and selling baseball products, we can suggest the best products for you, so that you get the best return on your investment. Baseball products should support you achieve your goals in the game.

Baseball Excellence has a stringent criteria for baseball and softball products. All baseball items are test by baseball excellence personnel before we chose to sell and item. We also believe in great service and doing what we say we will do and getting it done when we say we will.

Winter training is very important for players to be in peak ability during the regular season. Conditioning should be the foundation of winter training. Tee work for hitting and throwing drills to improve throwing mechanics should be worked on. The ThrowMAX should be used to correct arm damaging throwing mechanics in the off season.

Baseball Excellence offers the best hitting Pro X Tees on the market and also the best options for nets to hit into including the Big Mouth Bownet!  We also have protective nets and screen along with full size batting cages.

Coaching accessories include Radar Guns from Stalker and Pocket Radar and field prep equipment and coaching instruction from Baseball Excellence and leading Instructors.