Rogers Break-Away Bases



The Rogers three-part Break Away Base System is unique and unlike any other base on the market. Central to the successful safety and durability record of the Break Away Base System is the stationary anchor system, the strategically-placed flexible rubber nipples molded to the base plate and the ability to control the appropriate release of the base top from the plate. Natural rubber construction of the base top allows for varying degrees of firmness to match the level of competition.
We’re America’s Safest Base!

Researchers for the Institute for Preventive Sports Medicine have found that the Break Away Base System would prevent 1.7 million injuries and the related $2 billion in health care costs annually. Their latest study also confirmed that the Break Away Base System is cost effective and safer than “standard stationary bases.”

The Break Away Base System can compensate for dangerous, uncontrolled slides resulting in reducing injuries by 97 percent and the related health care costs by 99 percent!! As written about in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. David Janda states that the Break Away Base System should be used at the major-league level as well as during minor league, college and recreational league games. In recreational softball leagues, the use of the Break Away Base System should be mandatory.

Quality and Performance

The popularity of this base has grown due to the fact that it is versatile and adaptable to youth, teen, adult and professional players. The youth model, base top, is the softest and requires the least impact to release. The base top footing becomes firmer and the impact force required to release the base top model from the base plate is greater as the base top models progress from teen to adult to professional. There is only one style of base plate and anchor. Only the base tops are different for the various levels of play.

The Break Away Base System is licensed by Little League Baseball® International, and is used by the Amateur Softball Association of America®. Most recently, The Break Away Base System has been greatly accepted by the International Olympic Committee and Rogers was a proud supplier for the 1996 Olympic Softball Competition.

Durability and Affordability

Only the highest quality materials and design have gone into the state-of-the-art the Break Away Base System. Installation is easy, and it’s durability insures a long-lasting appearance that stands up to heavy use. They are cost-effective; although the initial cost, per set, is more expensive than the standard stationary base, the Break Away Base System lasts two, three or more times longer. When you consider the benefit to the players, this more than makes up for the difference in price. On-going field evaluations at all levels of play have proven that the Break Away Base System costs less per year than conventional bases.

The Break Away Base System complies with “National Federation”, NCAA® and Little League Baseball® International playing rules and equipment regulations. The Break Away Base System is also a legal base for more than 500 national and world-wide softball and baseball governing bodies.