Baseball/softball players suffer frequent foot, ankle, knee, leg, finger and hand injuries. This uniquely designed Target Base greatly reduces the risk of injury. The target is a neon orange inside corner of the base which is visible to the runner and fielders. The rest of the base is made of a special gel which absorbs the impact of slides and remains stationery. These weather-proof, spike-proof bases are designed to facilitate a safe slide for the novice player, yet enhance the serious players’ aggressive slides.
It improves skills and teaches proper base running techniques.
Minimizes the risk of foot, ankle, knee, leg, wrist and finger injuries.
Allows base-runners to judge the position of the bases more accurately.
Assists defensive players in knowing where the bases are at all times.
Helps umpires make accurate calls. Coming in sets of three, Target Bases are weather and spike-proof. They are youth field sized (14″ x 14″) and fit all posts in existence through their re-modified plastic support on the bottom of the base. This support keeps the base from moving.