Youth Skills & Special Drills – Baseball Practice Plans




Baseball Practice Plans – Youth Skills & Special Drills

Teaching the “Little Things”

CATCHING: Overcoming Fear, Fielding Bunts, The Three Stances, Footwork on Throws to Second, Anticipating the Pitch.

Techniques and Tips for executing Double Plays and explanation of common faults.

Segments devoted to Defensive Positioning, Base Running and Sliding Drills, Arm Action and Throwing Faults, Controlling the Fear of Getting Hit, Arm Angles and Pitch Grips, First and Third Defenses, How to Recognize Pitches, and more.

Eight-year-old Nicky and 10-year-old Justin were the stars of the show. “It always amazes me how skillful young players can be if taught correct techniques.”…Bob Byrd. Ages 8-12(VHS 1 hour 6 minutes)