Baden 3.5 ounce SBBR Patented Feather Lite Baseballs – (sold by case – 10 dozen)


Feather Lite Baseballs


The SBBR Patented FeatherLite® This is a 3.5-ounce durable foam dimple ball. It is great for indoor practice in Gyms where real balls cannot be used. The FeatherLite has also been used very successfully in T-Ball practice and games.

(SBBR) Patented Feather Lite Baseballs Pitching Machine SBBR White with red inset seams Restricted flight Exclusive Baden design Simulates the pitch of a real baseball Works in Liteflite® & Streak® machines Dimpled

Construction: Deluxe PU
Use: Training
Size: Official
Weight: Light Weight
Age Group: Under 9
Skill: AllThe FeatherLite ball used in T-Ball games and practices reduces tears, and player meltdowns when hit by the ball. You will also notice that players learn to move towards and catch the ball, rather than moving aside and chasing after the ball