Game Day Coach




A companion to The Coaches Practice Planner and A Skill and a Drill, Game Day Coach gives the coach a guidebook to use the skills and drills from the Planner in a game. Game Day Coach explores defensive and offensive strategy, game philosophy, the power of a routine, pre-game infield, game objectives, a pitching philosophy, tips to stay out of that big inning, defensive strategy with runners on base (cutoffs and relays), bunt situations, constructing a lineup, giving signs, situational hitting, base running tips, and coaching from the boxes. Special sections on how to train yourself to see the entire field, six things to look for when your opponent takes pre-game batting practice and outfield-infield, player dugout responsibilities and Twenty questions you should never ask an umpire.
Game Day Coach will make you a better coach. Sixty-one pages.

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Game Day Philosophy

Stretch, run, Throw
The Power of a Routine
Pre-Game Outfield-Infield
Player dugout responsibilities
Game Objectives
A Very Important Coaching Ability
Pre-Game Bullpen
Game Defense

A Sound Pitching Philosophy
Pitching From the Stretch
Defensive Positioning
“Hit the Cutoff Man.”
Defensive Strategy with runners on Base
Cutoffs and Relays
Bunt Situations
First and Third Situations
Infield “In”

A Sound Hitting Approach
Constructing a Line-Up
Situational Hitting as An Offensive Strategy
Have a Plan
Getting Hit by the Baseball
Base Running Tips
Coaching From the Boxes
Sample Dugout Chart