NanoTek -3 BESR by Anderson bat company


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The NanoTek is one incredible bats. Anderson is utilizing a brand new aluminum alloy that has incredible pop and feels great through the ball. Shipping in the lower 48 states is 12.00 with delivery in 2 to 3 days. Besr certified -3

The NanoTek utilizes a special Aluminum Alloy from good old USA Alcoa that adds to the bats pop and durability. This makes for a very large sweet spot. The unprecedented strength of the revolutionary NanoTek Alloy allows us to build a bat with the thinnest wall in the game. The NanoTek Alloy stores more energy at contact and delivers superior performance, improved feel and twice the effective hitting area of the competition. Unlike composites that gradually rise to a short-lived maximum potential, the NanoTek XS has no break-in period, maintaining superior performance and delivering a solid feel throughout its life. High-performance through design . . . Every component on an Anderson bat provides the player with game improvement technology. From the patented Ergonomic Knob to the Taper Flex Vibration Management System, each performance component works synergistically to improve the player’s game through superior design.

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