Dead-Eye Crush Training Bat




Dead-Eye Crush is a very usefull tool to hone hitting skills. The short 18 inch length and 13.5 ounces allows for easy bat control to teach young children a proper bat swing. Use with Batting Tee work. This will alow you to control the childs hands and get them in the proper position at ball contact. It will also help bat speed almost immediatly. As fast as he can swing the Dead Eye Cruch he will be able to do the same with regulation bat. You will be very surprized.
Not only does the Dead-Eye Crushs’ 18 inch length and 13.5 ounce weight allow for greater control it also allows for more swings before players tire.

These bats are used for top hand and bottom hand drills for players 10 and older.

Improves bat speed and eye hand coordination.

Used by colleges, professional and hitting instuctors.

Comes with drills to improve hitting.