Axe bat Pro-Fit 243 Model Wood baseball Bat


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Power 243 turn offers a large, full barrel with a more aggressive handle taper – ideal for power hitters or players who prefer a more end-loaded feel
Made in the U.S.A. from hand-split, hard maple billets – the same premium wood used by the pros
Newly developed Charged Finish, meticulously applied in a seven-step process, delivers our hardest, most durable, and highest-gloss wood barrel
Steel-hardening technique is used to compress the wood grain, making it harder and denser, so the ball jumps off your barrel
Pro ink dot showing slope of grain
Patented Axe™ Handle for maximum bat speed and barrel control, so you can hit the ball harder, more often
30-day limited warranty





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243 pro 32-29, 243 pro 33.5-30.5, 243 pro 33-30, 243 pro 34-31