Bata2 Pitching machine




Bata2 is a work horse. All the other wheel pitching machine attempt this quality. Bata makes the best wheel pitching machines. Built in the USA. Shipping lower 48 $75.00 BATA-2 Pitching Machine •Speed 25-100 mph. •Weight 98 lbs. •Transport Wheels Kit available •Throws real baseballs or dimpled •Throws all types of pitches •Throws grounders and flies •3-way swivel head •Runs on 110 AC •May be used with BATA Feeder •Available for Baseball/Softball •5-year limited warranty The versatile BATA-2 Baseball Pitching Machine (above) and theBATA-2 Softball Pitching Machines (right) are the choice of more professional teams every year. Capable of throwing any type of pitch, it’s maximum speed exceeds 100 miles per hour. Also ideal for throwing grounders and fly balls. BATA-2 is the only machine with Soft-Tread Pitching Wheels, designed specifically for throwing real leather baseballs. Also throws dimpled pitching machine balls or softballs. Prices: BATA-2 Baseball $1999 BATA-2 Softball$1999 BATA-2 Bb/Sb Combo $2150