Anderson Ignite XS -3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat


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Anderson Ignite -3XS BBCOR HS College Bat
Baseball-Excellence is proud to offer the all new Anderson Ignite™ XS -3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat.
The IGNITE is approved for High School and College Baseball.
Single-Wall, Anderson All-Metal Alloy
The new Anderson Ignite™ series all-metal bats are a complete redesign of our single-wall technology products. These bats designed to maximize our Anderson all-metal alloy, with a shape that optimizes the MOI (Moment of Inertia) of the bat throughout your swing.

Our new alloy has a greater yield value and added strength that allows a lighter, more responsive, and larger Effective Hitting Area (EHA). Reducing the weight in the EHA, while maintaining the strength necessary to withstand impact, allows greater design versatility including a significantly reduced MOI.

Optimizing the MOI makes it possible to swing the bat faster with less effort. Like an ice skater spinning, the distribution of weight determines the speed of the spin. Arms outstretched, the skater spins slowly. As the skater brings the weight of their arms inward toward their body – or toward the axis of the spin – their MOI is reduced, and they spin faster with no added effort or weight reduction.

Our TrueFlex™ End Cap, our TaperFlex™ Contour, the Ultra-Thin Whip Handle, our Sport Grip and the solid Ergonomic Weldless Knob are all integral parts of the MOI optimization. Every curve and every component on the Anderson Ignite™ series bats add to the efficiency of the product. That energy transfer efficiency equals better performance and provides the edge every player needs to compete effectively at the highest levels. Faster bat speed plus heavier overall weight equals surefire higher performance, every time.

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